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  • Lunch orders are due Friday, February 16.

  • LCS is having a contest to see who can collect the most box tops for the school, since the school gets money by submitting those. The contest will run from now until Friday, February 16.

  • Our February (including Valentine’s Day) party will be Friday, February 16. Here is the sign-up link to help out and bring in items. Thanks for your help!

    The students will need to bring in something to hold the valentines they get. Some sort of a bag works fine, or whatever they want. They can decorate it at home if they choose, and bring it in. As long as their name is on the bag/container, it doesn't matter. This should be a separate bag from whatever they use to carry the valentines they’ll be giving away.

    A class list is located here (first names only, password protected). There are 17 students total. Please have your child bring a valentine for everyone in the class (even if they won't be here, since they'll be getting valentines). Please also have your child either make or bring in a valentine for their first grade reading buddy and senior buddy (or buddies). Lists of both are here (first names only, password protected). The valentines for Reading Buddies need to be at school on Thursday, February 15.

  • We will be going on a field trip to Schuyler Mansion and Fort Crailo on Wednesday, February 28 from 9:30am to about 1:00pm. Please send in $2 per student to cover transportation costs in an envelope labeled with your child's name and “Crailo” by Friday, February 16. Please make sure your child has an easy (not messy) snack or two, since we won't be eating lunch until after 1:00pm. We will bring the snacks and eat them on the bus while driving between sites. Please let me know if you are able to chaperone. We need at least 3 chaperones in order to be able to go. Thank you!

  • Thank you for volunteering to help out this year! I still need some help for the following:

    -One ready-to-serve treat (no nuts, please) for:
    Wed., May 30: Memorial Day

    If you are able to help with something, please email me. Thanks!

    For each event on the calendar, click on it and then click "more details" to get more information such as a link to the spelling list, the problems for the math assignment and the notes that go with it, information about a field trip, etc. (Links will only work if you click "more details.")

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