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Getting Started in Fourth Grade Supplies

Getting Started in Fourth Grade:

Welcome to Fourth Grade! We are so glad to have you here at LCS. I made this page to help you get started in fourth grade.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • All books and supplies should be in as soon as possible, but the latest is by the first Monday of school. Don't forget to label everything! Books do not need to be covered because they will stay in school.

  • In the morning, please drop off your child at the stairs. Please do not drop them off in front of the school doors because you will block traffic.

  • Your child will wait by the gym (at the front entrance) until the teachers on duty take them downstairs around 7:45am. If your child comes in after that time, they can go straight down to the elementary level. Students will wait outside their classroom with teacher supervision until the other teachers come back from morning devotions. It is very important for your child to be on time for school. School starts at 7:55am and we begin doing work immediately at that time. Students are considered tardy if they aren't in their homeroom at 7:55am. Since fourth grade is the farthest room from the front entrance, it will help your child if he/she arrives earlier than 7:55 (I recommend 7:45). This way they can have time to unpack and get ready for the day so they will not start the day feeling rushed and behind.

  • I am allergic to scents, so please do not allow your child to use any perfume, cologne, scented lotion, or scented hand-sanitizer during school. Please have them use roll-on deodorant only (spray deodorant is too strong).

  • The microwave in the classroom is not for student use. The reason is because lunch isn't long enough for every child to use the microwave and it wouldn't be fair to allow some students to use it but not others.

    I hope this information helps you make the transition to fourth grade!

    Supplies Needed

    This is the Supply List. One goal for fourth grade is to help the students become organized, which helps them succeed in school and life. The way I have the supplies set up will help with this goal.

    I made an Amazon Supply List. If you have an account, you can click on this link, sign in, and save the list. You don't have to buy anything on the list, but you can see what I've selected, to give you a good idea of what I'm looking for. The ones I picked are the best, cost-wise (at least at the time). Most items on the supply list are here, but a few are not.

    School Tool Box Supplies: you can add or subtract whatever you want to this list; it's pretty accurate (if you want the notebooks to be different colors, that isn't on this list; you don't need both types of pencils (mechanical or regular); I would suggest many more pencils and glue sticks than they have listed)

    For the ruler, get one with metric and inches (up to 1/16th of an inch is enough; notice the various sizes of the lines for inches: it's really confusing for students if the lines are all the same size; also it's best to get one that doesn't bend because it becomes inaccurate quickly): picture.

    This is how to set up the binder, in this order:

    Zippered pencil case: for pencils, red pens, eraser, scissors, calculator, glue sticks, colored pencils (can be out of the box), earbuds, permanent marker (ruler and extra glue sticks don't have to go in the binder)

    Planner with binder clip (planner is school-provided and might change)

    Home/School folder

    Home/School folder inside: only things in the "Goes Home" part of this folder should go home and stay home

    Math folder: keep all homework and corrections (even if they are done) in this folder; we will empty it out as a class after each chapter test

    Math folder inside

    Math notebook

    Language Arts folder: keep all packets and other ELA papers (even if they are done) in this folder; we will empty it out as a class after each unit test

    Notebook paper

    Outside of binder:

    Science folder: this never goes home

    Social Studies folder: this never goes home

    Stays in School folder: this never goes home

    Notebooks with binder clips

    Bible notebook (can be black): this never goes home

    Language Arts notebook (can be black): this will only go home if your child does not complete classwork on time

    Science and Social Studies notebook (can be black): this never goes home

    Science and Social Studies notebook with a binder clip on p. 101

    Numbering the notebooks: odd in the upper right and even in the upper left corners (Bible and Science/SS only- it's very important that you get notebooks that are 100 sheets (200 pages) because we use almost every page and we do not go in order)

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    Miss Crachi