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School Verse for the Year

“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” -Luke 2:52 (NIV)


We learn about different Christian virtues such as honesty, humility, patience, etc. We discuss the topic and read Bible verses and stories, sing songs, and watch movies that have to do with each topic. We learn how to find verses in the Bible that relate our topics.

We learn to view things from a biblical perspective.

We sing worship songs during Bible, along with songs that relate to our theme. The songs are located here.

We use The Gospel Project, which is a Christ-centered, chronological Bible study for students. We learn about the life of Christ.

We also sing songs to help us memorize things. The songs are located here.

Bible Memory Policy:

Students memorize verses and are tested once every two weeks on Fridays (exceptions noted in class and on the calendar).

On Mondays, students will be given the verse for two weeks to put in their "Goes Home" part of their School/Home folder. The verses are also located here and on the calendar.

In the beginning of the year, tests will be given orally. Each student will recite the verse and reference to me, one at a time, in private.

Starting in the third quarter, tests will be in written form. Verses, including full (not abbreviated) references, must be memorized exactly. I strongly suggest having students practice writing the verse from memory in addition to any other way of studying, since sometimes students are able to recite it better than they can write it. This will help them get ready for Bible verse tests in fifth grade. Spelling and punctuation do not count (as long as I can tell what the word is).

Grading will be the number of words missed divided by the total number of words, times 100. Words such as "and", "the", "a", "an", "of", etc. will only be one point.

Ex: Psalm 19:14
May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.

There are 8 small words (in italics) at one point each. 100-8 = 92. There are 16 plus the book of the Bible counts as one and the chapter and verse(s) count as another, so 18 regular words. 92/18= 5.1 so those words are 5.1 points each. This, of course, will change, based on the length of the verse. (The exact grading for each verse is located at the end of the “learning slides” links on the verses page.)

In Bible, the notebook pages that we do in class count as 20% of the overall grade and Bible verse tests are 80%.

Study Tips for Verses:

Here are some ways to learn and practice your Bible verses (many ideas are from the students):

  • Break it up into smaller pieces (one way is by punctuation).

  • Write it on index cards (whole or in parts).

  • Have someone quiz you orally (which is great to do, as long as you practice writing it out before the test).

  • Write it several times, and check it by comparing it to the original.

  • Make it into a song.

  • Read the verse aloud several times, then try to do it without looking.

  • Practice with other students.

  • Pretend it's a play and those are lines for you to memorize.


    In addition to praying for our military, we also pray for missionaries and an unreached people group during Bible class. We pray daily for specific requests for healing, comfort, and salvation of those we know, along with any other requests that are mentioned.

    Ideas of How to Pray for Our School:

  • For all students, faculty, staff, and their families: to stay focused on God and remain faithful to Him; for health and safety, encouragement, patience

  • For families: to be stable, loving, Christ-centered; to have necessary finances for the tuition

  • For faculty, staff, leaders: strength, understanding, ability, patience, love, rest, time

  • For students: to work diligently for the Lord; understand their work; that their behavior glorifies God

  • Anything else that you can think of

    Thanks for praying!


    We help out with the Alpha Pregnancy Care Center. It is a Christian, pro-life pregnancy center in the Capital District. We collect coins to donate to the center during the bottle drive and we go on a field trip to volunteer there. We also do some service projects for the center with our senior buddies.

    We also adopt a refugee family during Christmas time. We make ornaments and buy presents to give them for Christmas, since they don't have much at all. We deliver these to their home and meet the family.

    We have "adopted" grandparents from the Atria Shaker Assisted Living Center. Several residents visit our classroom about once a month and do crafts, games, or other activities with the students. We carol at Atria Shaker for Christmas and make Christmas cards for the residents.

    We make cards for Veterans' Day and Valentine's Day and give them to veterans at the VA Hospital in Albany. We also make Valentine's Day cards for our troops.

    We make get well and sympathy cards for members of the school community. We make birthday cards for faculty and staff at the school.

    We also help in the school's collection of nonperishable food items to donate to the Capital City Rescue Mission.


    Ministry Links:

    Atria Shaker Assisted Living Center

    Alpha Pregnancy Care Center

    Capital City Rescue Mission

    Operation Christmas Child

    Other Links:

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    Creation Song Rap

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    Jelly Telly Store

    The Living Word: local Christian bookstore

    One Christian Radio Online

    Plugged In: from Focus on the Family (movie, music, TV)

    Prayercast: pray for every country in the world

    Ten Commandments Rap

    World Magazine

    Wycliffe Bible Translators

    Supporting Our Troops Links:

    Adopt a Platoon

    Any Solider Inc.: supporting soldiers: includes links for the Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force

    Holiday Mail for Heroes

    Letters to Soldiers

    Military Mom in Action: How You Can Help and Needs

    USA Patriotism!: Showcasing "Love and Pride of America!"


    VA Hospital in Albany

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