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About Field Trips:

We go on several field trips during the school year, mostly related to social studies. Field trips are an essential part of learning for students because it gets them out of the classroom and out of their textbooks so they can actually interact with history. The tour guides are always very knowledgeable and interesting, and during these trips, students can see historical buildings, learn information from another source, touch artifacts, hear stories, and see pictures. Students will remember trips more than reading a textbook. Also, itís a great reference point for when we talk about history in class; I can bring up something we learned or saw on a field trip and that provides a connection which helps them remember what they learned. Ministry field trips are important because it allows the students to live out their faith, helping those in need or who help others. The field trips listed here are ones we do regularly. The time of the year may change and we may do more.

Chaperone Clearance:

In order to chaperone field trips, the school needs to clear you as a driver. In order to do this, you must fill out a Volunteer Driver Application Packet (application, chaperone instructions, background screening). You may pick up one from the school office, or click here: Volunteer Authorization to Release Background Information and Volunteer Driver Application Form and Instructions.

In addition to filling out the form, you must attach a copy of your driver's license and current vehicle insurance card.

If you have already been cleared, you don't need to fill out a new form every year, but make sure the office has a current copy of your insurance card (which, as you know, expires every 6 months) and your driver's license.

Please do this as soon as possible because it takes some time for it to be processed and this way you'll be all set to drive when needed. Thanks!

In September, we go to on an all-day trip to Ooms Dairy Farm and the Martin Van Buren Historical Site. Dairy farming is a major economy of New York. We get to see how cows are milked with robots and see how things run on the farm. We then go to the Martin Van Buren Historical Site. Van Buren is one of presidents from NY State. The trip is free.

We go to the NYS Museum in Albany in October. We participate in a program that the museum provides and then walk around the museum. The students have a short time to go to the gift shop. The trip is $2 per student to pay for parking.

We go to the Albany Institute of History and Art in November. We participate in a program that the museum provides and then the students make an item that reminds them of their trip and the history they learned. The students have a short time to go to the gift shop. The trip is $7 per student.

We adopt a refugee family in December and get gifts and Christmas decorations for them. We deliver presents to the family and help them set up the Christmas tree. We also carol at the Atria Assisted Living Center. Atria residents visit our class once a month as "adopted grandparents" to play games or do crafts with the students.

In January, we go to Albany for an all-day field trip. We start with a tour of the Capitol, followed by meeting Senator Breslin (if it works out with his schedule). We take a break for lunch, then go to the top of the Corning Tower Observation Deck. We end our trip with a tour of the Executive Governor's Mansion. The trip is $2 per student to pay for parking.

In March we go to Schuyler Mansion and Fort Crailo and do tours of both. This trip is free for students and some chaperones (the number changes each year). Otherwise it's $4 per chaperone.

In April we go to RPI's Observatory since we learn about astronomy. We get to see what the observatory is like, including the 16 inch dome telescope, and we do astronomy activities and solar observing.

In May we go to Waterford's Erie Canal Lock 2 for the CanalWays 4th Grade Education Program.

Third through sixth grades have a Fun Day in June. We go to Grafton Lakes State Park. Students have options to swim, hike, play games on the grass/sand, play on the playground, read, and relax. There is also a snack bar. This trip cost will vary, based on the number of students and cars needed, but it's around $5 per student. (If it rains, we have a rain location that has many fun activities to do.)

For the LCS Serve-a-Thon in June, we go to the Alpha Pregnancy Care Center in Albany, NY. The Alpha Pregnancy Care Center is a Christian, pro-life organization. The students help organize things, clean, or do whatever they need done.

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