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Math, Number, and Pattern Games

Calculator Fun
Calculator Fun key

Dealing Dividends and Divisors Card Game

How to Spend $5
How to Spend $5 key

Odds and Evens Dice Game

Sum Race Dice Game

Toothpick Puzzles
Toothpick Puzzles key

Trivia Games

Another Puzzling Proverb
Another Puzzling Proverb key

Coded Message
Coded Message key

Corn-Fed Words
Corn-Fed Words key

Far Out
Far Out Words key

Man Hunt
Man Hunt key

Name Three
Name Three key

Pet Peeves
Pet Peeves key

"The" Words
"The" Words key

This "Ore" That
This "Ore" That key

Which Is It?
Which Is It? key

Which One Does Not Belong?
Which One Does Not Belong? key

Word Twins
Word Twins key

Word Games

Clipped Words
Clipped Words key

Competitive Word Chain

Compound Words
Compound Words key

Education: Making Words
Education key

I Am Terrific: Making Words
I Am Terrific key

Putting the Pieces Together
Putting the Pieces Together key

Which Word?
Which Word? key

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