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Language Arts: Reading

Students read for homework for 10 minutes every Monday through Thursday.

Information About the Reading Log

Reading Log and Homework Questions (for this week)

The reading test will be every other week, the same week as the spelling test. The reading test will be all multiple choice and will include vocabulary from the reading selection, questions about the skills we worked on in language arts during those two weeks, and a fresh read with comprehension questions.

We go to the library once a week for a class and we take out books for reading homework, free-read books, and books for our First Grade Reading Buddies.

Encouraging Your Child to Read: a short article

The Importance of Reading: brief facts

Language Arts: Spelling

Students are introduced to a new spelling list every 2 weeks. Their list is on the first page of their spelling packet and will be kept in their language arts folder. We'll work on the packet in school, so it will need to stay in that folder. We go over the words in class, including pronunciation, definitions, patterns in the list, rules if applicable, and ways to remember how to spell them. The spelling test will be every other Friday (exceptions will be noted on the calendar and in class).

Spelling Lists

All spelling lists are linked on the calendar on the test day (click on the test, then "more details" and you'll see a link to the list).

Spelling Lists

Here are some ways to learn and practice spelling words (many ideas are from students):

Spelling City: practice your spelling words- click on the list we're working on and do any of the free activities

  • Write the words several times.

  • Do a practice spelling test. A parent says the words, one at a time, and the student writes it down. The parents will then correct the words and the student should write the wrong words several times (you decide how many). Another practice test later would be beneficial. When saying the words, it should be word, sentence, word. (ex: "Accept. Please accept my gift. Accept.")

  • Have a spelling bee and see how many words your child can spell aloud.

  • Trace the words.

  • Break the word into syllables to make it easier. (ex.: "continue": con-tin-ue)

  • Use mnemonics - a trick to remember a hard spelling word (ex.: In February, we say "brrr" because it's cold.)

  • Say the word how it sounds, not how it's spelled (ex.: for "vegetable": veg-et-able; "together": to-get-her).

  • Write all words several times.

  • Spelling Strategies

    Language Arts: Vocabulary

    In addition to learning the definitions of our spelling words, fourth graders learn some vocabulary words from our current reading selection. The reading selection vocabulary words will be on the bi-weekly reading test (as multiple choice questions). The reading test occurs the same week as the spelling test.

    Vocabulary Lists

    Here are some ways to learn and practice the vocab. words:

  • Study ahead of time: this is very important because if you wait until the last minute, there will be too much to learn at once.
  • Make flashcards: practice both ways (hear word, say definition; hear definition, say word).
  • Fold a piece of paper in half, write the words on one side and the definition on the other. Cover up one side and try to see how many you know.
  • Have someone quiz you several times (both ways): orally or written.
  • Write the ones you have trouble with several times.
  • Make up your own test or have someone make one up for you.
  • Bring index cards to school. Write the words on one side of the card and the definition on the other side. Take it home and study it until you know it pretty well.

    Language Arts: Writing/Grammar

    We work on grammar rules, sentence structure, parts of speech, writing summaries, and many other aspects of writing.

    Book It!

    How Book It! works:

  • The Book It! Program starts October 1 and ends March 31.

  • Book It! Instructions are here.

  • On the first school day of the new month, if the goal has been met, hand in the Book It log to me and I will give you a pizza award certificate.

  • Take the certificate to a Pizza Hut restaurant and you'll be given a free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza. On the first visit, you'll also receive a Book It! Passport to Reading card with clip and a sticker for the card. (There is no purchase necessary and the pizza can be taken to go.)

  • On each visit after that, you'll get another Personal Pan Pizza and a sticker for the card.

    Book It! Logs

    Book It! October

    Book It! November

    Book It! December

    Book It! January

    Book It! February

    Book It! March

    Book It! Sample

    First Grade Reading Buddies:

    We meet with our First Grade Reading Buddies once a week. Fourth graders read to the first graders and the first graders read to us as well.

    Book Orders

    Fliers will be sent home with the students about once a month. Please take some time to explore the fliers, or go online to access hundreds of additional titles, eBooks, online-only specials and discounts. Please only order online because Scholastic does not process checks well at all (they take months to clear). Please be sure to let Miss Crachi know if the books will be a gift. She will contact you when the books have arrived rather than giving them to your child.

    To order online:

    1. Go to the Scholastic Book Club Page

    2. Click on “First Time Here- Connect to Your Teacher” in the yellow box on the right if you don’t have an account and register.

    3. If you already have an account, sign in and then click on connect your child to their teacher.

    4. Enter required fields on the next page, including the class activation code which was sent home (this is also on the front of the group of fliers you received).

    5. "Complete registration" and "start shopping" to finish.

    6. Click on the different book orders and pick the ones you want or search for a specific book using the name of the book, author, or code. When you're done ordering, check out or add more from another book order.


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