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Math Notes

Corrections: how to do them

Grading Homework: how I grade math homework

Homework Policies: how to do math homework and why

Key for HW: the things I write on homework and what they mean

RenWeb: how grades and corrections are entered on RenWeb

Test and Quiz Corrections: how and when to do them

Study Tips:

Students must copy notes down exactly the way I write it. If not, they will have difficulty understanding things later. They should bring their math notebook home every night (it stays in their binder). This way they will know the correct procedure for their homework and learn it for tests and quizzes. In addition, the students need to review their notes and memorize the definitions, steps, directions, etc. I also have made several Quizlets for the students to use to review particular lessons with a lot of memorization. The Quizlets, along with the math notes are located here.

Students also need to constantly review basic math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). If they struggle with these or don't know them quickly, it will make the rest of their work very difficult. Math builds. Once a concept has been tested, it will still come up, over and over, during the rest of the year, and for much of the rest of the student's school math career.

Math Help:

Math help is on Tuesdays after school until 4pm. Math help will be every Tuesday, all year, unless I tell you otherwise. I will also put this on the calendar.

This is for students who need extra help in math. I will contact you if I would like your child to stay. I would like this to be a time for me to help students who truly need the help. If too many students stay, this will not be a beneficial time for those students. If you think your child should stay, you may email me and I will make a decision about it. Please do not send your child to math review without discussing it with me first.

The students must bring their binder (which includes the notebook and folder with all homework and any corrections left to do) and their math book which should be in their desk. If they do not come prepared, do not get work done during help, or fool around, they will not be allowed to come back. I need to be able to work with students who are serious about receiving help.

I will bring the students to the lobby by 4pm so you can pick up your child. If you are not here to pick them up at 4:00, please pick them up from After Care (located in the Music and Art rooms). If you know you will be late, please email me so I can bring them to After Care. Thanks!

Math Facts:

It is extremely important for your child to know all of their math facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It will be harder for your child if they have to take a lot of time to figure out basic math while they are working on new concepts. It will slow them down in general. Various things work, including drilling your child on fact families every night (not every fact family, but pick some each night), math apps, math games online, flashcards, writing the facts, etc. Below are some links for math games so they can practice facts.

We do timed tests every day in math. Students all start with x2, then if they pass, they move on to the next one (all multiplication facts first, then some mixed facts, then division, then all operations). If they don't pass the one test (finish all questions, all correct, and within the required time), they will take it again until they do pass. There are also apps that the students can use to help them memorize the facts. The timed tests are not graded.

Multiplication Facts (can use to review)

Division Facts (can use to review)

Math Games (Facts and Others):

(starred ones are good for math facts)

Cool Math

Fun Brain

Hooda *Timed Tests

IXL Math

Kids Numbers

Math is Fun

*Multiplication Games

Multiplication Rap is a great app for students to learn different fact families. You can buy indivdual families or the bundle (we use this in class).


*Timed Test app: this is the other app we use in class

Math Links:

A+ Math: improving math skills many types of calculators to use online

Coloring Squared: solve and color math problems including facts

Convert Units (including a date calculator)

Fourth Grade Math Practice (an outside source; not our textbook, but it's still good practice)

How Do I Read a Ruler?

Online Conversion: convert anything to just about anything else

Roman Numerals: to learn, click on "Learn to create Roman Numerals" and if you think you know them, click on "Practice your Roman Numerals knowledge" and do any links or the quiz at the bottom; isn't good because they limit your use

Ruler Measurements: Easy Way to Learn to Read a Ruler

Other Math Links

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