Instructions: You can use this page to practice. There are links to songs and answers to help you practice and review. Use the laminated packets to practice by writing down the answers, then checking them with the answers listed here or in your notebook. When you are done checking, erase your answers well (if the eraser makes it messy, clean it with a wet paper towel and dry the page).

If you think you are ready to be tested on a list for money, ask Miss Crachi first and show her your blank page for that list, in the laminated packet. You will then write the answers on that page in the packet. You cannot use your notebooks or an iPad while being tested. When you are done, show it to Miss Crachi so she can check it. If they are all correct, you will receive the money you earned. Spelling doesn't count, as long as Miss Crachi knows what you are talking about. You must do the whole list at one time, not later that day, and not the next day. If you don’t think you can finish in time, do a shorter list.

If the list is not correct, you must erase everything (do a good job erasing). Then you can practice using songs or answers on When you are ready to be tested again, ask Miss Crachi. You cannot do the same list twice in one day (if you try once and don't get it right, you have to at least wait until the next day before trying again). You must ask Miss Crachi every time you try to get money for a list, even if you asked her the day before, so she can see that your list is erased.

12 Apostles (Disciples) Answers: $20

"12 Disciples Song"

12 Tribes Answers: $20

"12 Tribes Song" for the 12 tribes, then skip to 3:40 for Joseph's sons

Armor of God Answers: $20

"Armor of God Song": lyrics

Beatitudes Answers: $40

"Beatitudes Song"

Books of the Bible Answers: $30

"Books of the Bible Song"

Creation Answers: $30

"Creation Song"

Division Facts Answers:
2÷, 5÷, 10÷: $10 each
3÷, 4÷, 6÷, 7÷, 8÷, 9÷, 11÷, 12÷: $20 each

Fruit of the Spirit Answers: $10

"Fruit of the Spirit Song"

Multiplication Facts Answers:
2x, 5x, 10x: $10 each
3x, 4x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x, 11x, 12x: $20 each

NY State Map Answers: $75

NY State Map

Parts of Speech Answers: $40

ELA Songs

Periodic Table Answers: $150

"The Periodic Table of the Elements Song"

"The Periodic Table of the Elements Song" Lyrics (the last few are outdated)

Phases of the Moon Answers: $30

"Phases of the Moon Song"

Pi Song Answers: $200

"Pi Song"

Plagues Answers: $20

"The Plague Song" Music: lyrics

Presidents Answers: $100

"Presidents Song"

States, Capitals, and Abbreviations Answers: $100 for just the capitals and abbreviations or $150 for states, capitals, and abbreviations (there are two different sheets in your packet)

"States, Capitals, and Abbreviations Song (In Geographic Order)"

State of Being (Helping) Verbs Answers: $20

Ten Commandments Answers: $20

Ten Commandments Song ("The Perfect Ten")

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