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Important Information About Fourth Grade

I try to help the students become more responsible, organized, and independent. I will be helping them develop good work and study habits this year. It can be a difficult transition from third to fourth grade, lower elementary to upper. However, be assured that your child will be able to make the transition, and even though it may seem difficult at first, they will be successful with my encouragement and yours. This will be an enormous benefit for them. I am always available to answer questions.

Ways to Help Your Child Succeed

An important part of what students learn in fourth grade is how to be responsible and organized. If you child forgets something, unless it is extremely important (such as medicine), please do not bring it to them, or perhaps bring it once, and then not again after that. Otherwise your child will assume that you will always take care of anything they forget and they will not learn to take care of things on their own. They will continue to forget and won't learn to be responsible for themselves.

It is okay for your child to have a hard time and not succeed right away. This is actually very beneficial for them, as they will learn a lot more from difficulty than if everything is always made easy for them. Life will not always be easy, and it's way better for them to learn this now, in a protected environment, than when they are older and the consequences are more severe.

Please make sure your child has all of the supplies needed. This list was sent home over the summer. It is very important that your child is prepared for class. They cannot do the necessary work if they do not have the supplies required. It is their job to let you know when they are running low on any supplies so that you are able to help them restock.

After the first week of school, please drop off and pick up your child in the school lobby, and allow them to come to the classroom and leave on their own. This will help them become more independent with their organization, and they will learn to be responsible for themselves without the need for reminders.

Calendar and Announcements

I use a Google calendar for our class. This calendar includes all important events in fourth grade, including homework assignments, tests, quizzes, special events, field trips, parties, birthdays, other due dates for the class or school, other important dates, etc. Pretty much everything goes on the calendar. In addition, I will put announcements on the front page of the website so you can always be aware of what's going on in fourth grade.

This calendar is meant to be for you, the parents, to learn about assignments and everything else. It is not meant to be a replacement for the students writing down information. Everything that is due is written on the board in the classroom. The students are responsible to write down everything in their student planner and take that home every night. On rare occasions, something on the calendar may be wrong or missing. I try to keep it updated, but sometimes I get very busy and cannot get to it right away. This is another good reason why your child should have everything written down in their planner.

For each event on the calendar, click on it and then click "more details" to get more information such as a link to the spelling list, the problems for the math assignment and the notes that go with it, information about a field trip, etc. (Links will only work if you click "more details.")

RenWeb Info

Please check RenWeb on a regular basis to make sure your child is caught up on math corrections, doing their reading homework correctly, and to see your child's grades.

To access RenWeb:

  • Go to and click on parent login (or just go here)

  • Login with your credentials, which you got when you enrolled your child at LCS.

  • The district code is lv-ny.

  • You'll be able to see the grades when you click on your child's name on the left.

  • If you don't have your credentials anymore, click on the option for "forgot login/password" and enter your email address. Then it will send you an email with a way to reset it.

    For the academic subjects, the grades are as follows:
    E (exceeds, 95+)
    C (consistently meets expectations, 80-94)
    I (inconsistent, 66-79)
    B (consistently below expectations, 65 and below)

    In Bible, the notebook pages that we do in class count as 20% of the overall grade and Bible verse tests are 80%.

    In ELA, spelling tests are 25% of the overall grade, reading logs are 25%, reading tests are 25%, and writing (which includes spelling, vocabulary, and packets, pre-test corrections, and writing assignments) is 25%.

    In math, the notes are 5% of the overall grade, homework is 20%, quizzes are 30%, and tests are 45%.

    In science and social studies, classwork is 100% of the overall grade.

    Ways to Help Your Child Study and Do Their Homework

    1. Set aside a quiet work area for your child so he/she can concentrate.

    2. Develop routines. Ex: In the evening, have your child plan ahead for the next day and pack his/her backpack with everything needed. Math homework should go immediately in their math folder and the reading log should go back into their Reading Bag right after you sign it. The binder should be in their backpack as soon as they are done with it. This reduces the morning rush.

    3. Since your child should be writing down all assignments from the board, once they have finished their homework, have them take out their planner and go over it, item by item, making sure everything is done.

    4. Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. Students need to know these facts well and know them quickly in order to make math work easier and quicker. Use flashcards if you think it will help, or math games or apps.

    5. Help your child study for tests or quizzes (see study tips). It is strongly recommended that your child studies ahead of time, not just the day before a test or quiz.

    6. Go over all tests and quizzes with your child, immediately. This way you and your child will see what was done incorrectly. Then you can try to figure out ways for them to improve or make sure the same mistakes don't happen again. It will also give you time to ask me questions before there is another test or quiz.

    Behavior Management

    Behavior Management Information: With this method, students will receive consequences for misbehavior, but will also get chances to redeem themselves so they don't give up on trying their best.

    Miss Crachi Money

    The reason things are very structured and organized in my class is to help your child develop good work habits for the rest of his/her education (and life). Organization and individual responsibility are important qualities that your child needs to have in order to succeed in school. Miss Crachi Money is one method that I use to motivate the students.

    Students have opportunities to earn money by having supplies, not dawdling, keeping a clean desk and cubby, walking quietly in line, putting things where they belong, copying down assignments properly, having a proper heading, and other organizational tasks in class.

    On Fridays, students will have time to "buy" items with the money they earned. They can decide to keep the money to save up for something bigger that costs more, or spend it every week on smaller items. This is something that has been very effective in helping and motivating the students to become more organized and responsible.

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