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We study New York State for social studies this year, including its history, geography, peoples, culture, and symbols. We do projects and research, use NY Studies Weekly, make foldables and do other notebook activities. We learn 64 major points on the NY State map. Using songs, we learn all the presidents in order and the states with their capitals and abbreviations in goegraphic order. All projects will be done in class. There is no homework, tests, or quizzes in social studies. Therefore, in social studies, classwork is 100% of the overall grade.

Social Studies Links:

"I Love NY": NY's State Song

NY Links (for class)

NY State Map (the one we use in class)

NY State Map: Blank

Presidents Song (I created, recorded by my 2014-2015 and 2016-2017 classes)

States, Capitals, and Abbreviations Song (In Geographic Order) (I created, recorded by my 2017-2018 class)

Elevation of Any Place: enter an address; also includes latitude and longitude

Geography Games

I Like to Learn: Geography Games

Latitude and Longitude Finder

National Geographic Geography Bee

Other Social Studies Links

NY State Links

General Information Links:

50 NY

Awesome America: NY

Enchanted Learning: NY Facts, Map, and State Symbols

Famous People

InfoPlease: NY

Manmade Landmarks

Most Beautiful Places in NY (Natural Landmarks)

Natural Landmarks

NY Facts: 50 Facts About NY



The State of New York

Wildlife (Animals)

Timeline Links:

In this order:

Timeline of New York History: I Love NY

New York History Timeline: eReference Desk

New York Timeline: World Atlas

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