Bible Songs

Songs for Memorization Songs for Topics

Songs for Memorization:
(In the order that we do them.)

"Books of the Bible Song": Performance Track (less lyrics)

"Beatitudes Song"

"The Plague Song" Music: lyrics

"The Perfect Ten" (Ten Commandments)

"Creation Song"

"Armor of God Song": lyrics

"12 Disciples Song"

"12 Tribes Song" for the 12 tribes, then skip to 3:40 for Joseph's sons

"Fruit of the Spirit": just the fruit part to practice motions: "Fruit of the Spirit"

"John 3:16": lyrics

"Wordless Book Song": lyrics (lyrics vary but the video will give you the tune)

Songs for Topics:
(In the order that we do them.)

"Tell the Truth": lyrics

"Kalepo" (don't steal): lyrics

"Bee Humble": lyrics

"Honor Your Parents": lyrics

"Be Thankful" (Sir Oliver's Song): lyrics

"Be Thankful" (Psalty): lyrics

"Joy": lyrics

"Kindness": lyrics

"Glad to Be Me": lyrics

"Love Never Fails": lyrics

"The Greatest Thing of All" (love): lyrics
"Everybody Needs a Lot of Love": lyrics
"I Was Made for Love": lyrics
"Love": lyrics
"His Love": lyrics
"I Love You": lyrics
"I Love You, Lord Jesus": lyrics
"When Love Lives in Your Heart": lyrics
"1 John 4:7-8" (love): lyrics
"Clap De Hands" (love): lyrics

"Self-Control": lyrics

"My Hands are the Hands (That God Will Use)" (witnessing): lyrics

Psalty: Kid's Praise! 6: Heart the Change the World (whole album; witnessing)
"John 3:16": lyrics
"I Want to Know": lyrics
"This Little Light of Mine": lyrics
"Heart to Change the World": lyrics
"Into My Heart": lyrics

"You Are My Hope" by Skillet

"Patience (Herbert the Snail)": lyrics
"Love Waits a Long, Long Time": lyrics

"The Forgiveness Song" (from the movie); lyrics only

"Yodel Song": Remember the Sabbath (responsibility): lyrics

"Faith": lyrics

Ants'hillvania: The Prodigal Son and The Parable of the Sower (whole album)

Music Machine: The Fruits of the Spirit (whole album)

Music Machine II: All About Love (whole album)

Sir Oliver's Song: The Ten Commandments (whole album)

Christmas Songs We Do for Atria:
(not necessarily in the same key or with exactly the same words, but you can learn the tunes; especially go over the carols)

Angels We Have Heard on High

Away in a Manger

Deck the Halls

Go Tell It on the Mountain

Feliz Navidad

The First Noel

Hark! The Herald

Holly Jolly Christmas

Jingle Bells

Joy to the World

Little Drummer Boy

O Christmas Tree

O Come All Ye Faithful

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Silent Night

Twelve Days of Christmas

We Three Kings

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

White Christmas

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